Our Mission

The Ripple Empathy Project is a 6-month long initiative that provides a collection of our wellness essentials to individuals in need. The bundle comes with an all-natural candle, salt soak, + aroma spray infused with essential oils created to encourage moments of peace, healing, introspection + meditation.

Please, nominate those you believe are in need. Whether they are experiencing a season of depression, trauma, loss or just going through a tough time, everyone deserves more moments of peace, healing, + love in their life.

Access to the nomination for is here.

3 bundles/month until January.
Nominations are open the week before the month begins.
People will be selected + contacted the following week.

*Thank you to the FIGR Fund Initiative for selecting Empathy + Me and partnering with us for this project. if you'd like to sponsor the Ripple Empathy Project in the future, please email us at ripple@theempathycrate.com